Short Film

This short film was done for the adrenaline film festival in 2014. Though our film experienced some troubles during the 72 hour production time--that even ended up in the paper--we came out strong winning the Mentor Award. The film was written, shot, and edited within 72 hours Though my two partners and I shared all the responsibilities my main role was Director for this production. Enjoy.

Side by Side
Documentary Short
This short follows the Collaboration Brew of Hair of the Dog Brewery, Shiga Kogen, and De Molen Brewery. It is filmed on location at the Hair of the Dog Brewery in PDX. It explores the pleasant, fun, and friendly connection between collaborative brewers. It was filmed as an inspirational preamble to the Craft Beeru documentary about Japanese Craft Beer. My role was DP and Lead Editor.

Chance of a Lifetime

Music Video

A music video I shot for the local band Diamond in a Lotus. I was the videographer and DP for the project.

Craft Beeru Documentary
Documentary Trailer
This is the trailer for the documentary film Craft Beeru. It is filmed throughout Japan and explored the wonderful emerging world of Japanese Craft Beer.

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